We Three Kings 7/265

We Three Kings of Orient are. Bearing gifts we traverse afar. Today is the Epiphany- Little Christmas for some. The day the Church celebrates the Three Wise Men visiting and paying homage to the Baby Jesus.
We are all from different places - geographically and places in our lives. We start our journey the day we are born and continue throughout our lives. Are we traveling to or away from God? The Kings were lead by the Star of Bethlehem. Who leads you? Is it "things" or is it the Truth and the Light? We have all been given gifts from the Lord. Sometimes it is difficult to know what our talents are, but we do have them. It is up to us to use these gifts in our own way to pay homage to our Lord.
This is the beginning of a new year. Perhaps this would be a good time reflect on our journey and our gifts. Where are we going and how are we using our gifts?

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  1. This was so well said. Beautifully said as a matter of fact. Thanks for a great way to look at a new year...