Inauguration Day 23/365

Last October, my class learned A LOT about the election - process, issues, the candidate. One of the things I tried to emphasize to the students is that it is not a good enough reason to choose one candidate over the other just because of the color of his skin. Good leadership should not depend on skin color, but on character and values.

Regardless of your political views, it cannot be denied that today is such a historic day because our country now has its first African-American president. And because it is such a historic event, I could not pick just one picture. First picture: a farewell to the Bushes. Thank you for your service. Second and Third pictures: Promises made. I hope they are kept. I love that his kids are with him. Lastly: I love Aretha Franklin.
May God Bless America!!


  1. Hi, I watch the inauguration of Barak Obama last night and I believe you have a truly great and visionary President. I am sure that he will do a lot for the USA. It is such a pity that Martin Luther King could not see the fulfilment of this dream

  2. I didn't get to watch the ceremony, but my 14yr old daughter did and told me all about it. It was cool to hear the details of what a teen thought was interesting!