Succulent 21/365

So, yesterday was Danny's telephoto shot. Today are my macro shots. These are buds and blooms from a succulent plant in our backyard. Tripod was set up about 3 feet from plant. The bloom I was focusing on is not as clear as I had hoped, but I'm still learning... But I do like how the surrounding images are blurry. The liquid amber tree was about 35-40 feet away and shot was using the telephoto lens. I am having fun learning about this lens.

P.S. I forgot to mention yesterday, between Danny and I, we took about 75 shots of his chess set to get that pretty good one!!


  1. I love it! If I had a new lens I may never do anything but take pictures. LOL

  2. This picture came so nice. You are going to have to teach me what all these terms even mean, macro etc...