We're in the Clear! 90.365

We did it! Maria, Robert, Kathy, and I needed to take 4 classes to clear our teaching credentials, as our school/diocese does not have an induction program. We took the weekend classess (12 weekends!) in Oct., Jan, Feb, and Mar. Today was our last class!! Yipee!! We now have to submit the required paperwork to the unversity and they will send it to the proper state agency. We can't believe it!! P.S. Happy Birthday, Robert!!


Would you like some cheese with my Whine?? 89.365

Wah, Wah, Wah!! I am feeling miserable, again! The older I get, the more allergies I seem to have. My allergies started acting up yesterday and I feel like crap! I have not felt fully recovered since mid-December. Wah, wah, wah. Thank you for letting me Whine!!


Creative Chaos 88.365

A view of my desk on a typical Thursday afternoon. I'm trying to finish my lesson plans for next week. My aide's desk is right next to mine - her desk is as cluttered as mine. :) Our desks are not cluttered, it is our creative juices flowing!!!


Wonderful Dinner 87.365

One of our favorite places to go for the best burritos in the area!!! So good and convenient that their phone number on my cell phone speed dial!!!


Sundial 86.365

Danny's sax lesson day. That means Clifford and I walked around the university campus. One great site is this sundial placed on the side of one of the science buildings. It is a functioning sundial. I think this is soooo cooool!!


Wind 85.365

It was a bit windy today!!!


Violin 84.365

Danny was practicing his sax and asked me if I could show him how to play my violin. I started playing when I was in 5th grade (I thought it would be easier then the piano!!) and continued to play through high school. When I was in Jr. High, my dad bought this for me from the concertmaster from the local symphony. It is French, made in 1893. I put the orange yarn on the case when I first got the violin. I don't play anymore, but like to take it out a couple times a year.


Sunset 83.365

View of sunset on the way home from somewhere. The sunset reminded me of t-shirts that were popular in the late 70's - early 80's by OP.

Spring has Sprung!! 82.365

Today is the first day of spring! Lovely daffodils from Trader Joe's...


Fireplace Mask 81.365

My parents purchased this mask on our vacation to the Philippines way back in 1976. It has hung over our fireplace. Then, in 1991, my mom put it out for a garage sale. Oh no!! Thank goodness I was able to rescue him before someone else got him! Since I got him, he has hung over my own fireplace. I can't imagine anything else in that spot.



I went to Trader Joe's today to pick up a few things. I love going there because they always have a great display of flowers and plants for sale. Being that I have a black thumb, I rarely get any for me, lest they die within a few days!!


Top of the mornin' to ya! Here is our corned beef and cabbage dinner. Yum!!
In honor of St. Patrick, this prayer is part of his breastplate:

Chirst be with me, Christ within me,
Christ behind me, Christ before me,
Christ beside me, Christ to win me,
Christ to comfort and restore me,
Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,
Christ in hearts of all that love me,
Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.


Driving Miss Judi 78.365

Here I am driving back to school for a meeting. Compared to the rest of the nation, my commute is pretty easy - only 13 minutes!!


Fore!!! 77.365

Today was Danny's first time to play a full round of golf. And he did it at our school's golf tournament, no less! He played in a foursome with Roger, his uncle Jay (in the photo), and Jay's friend Brett. He said he had a good time, but had lots of fun driving the golf cart! (Will that count towards his hours of practice to get his driver's license??)


Sleeping In 76.365

Oh what a wonderful morning!!! I was supposed to be in class this morning. (to finish clearing my teaching credential) But the professor gave us the option to take the work home, do it during the week, and turn it in next week instead of doing the work in class on Saturday morning. The class as a whole decided to do it on our own time. So... I slept in!!!


Yipee!! 75.365

For some, Friday the 13th is a bad luck day. Not for me!!! My Project 365 kit arrived today!! I can't wait to start putting it together. Now I have to upload 10 weeks of photos to my Costco account so that I can get them tomorrow!!!! I'll post photos when I get pages completed.


Junk mail 74.365

We never get "good" mail anymore. Each day, when Roger gets home, he gets the mail and then deposits it onto the coffee table near the front door. I look through it when I get home. For the most part, it is all junk!! Every so often, a bill shows up. The "good" mail comes in the form of our magazines!!!


Game time 73.365

I LOVE to play games. Danny and I enjoy playing board games together. Right now, we are into Rummikub. I also love Apples to Apples. My sister-in-law, Rosemary, and I keep saying that we need to set a monthly family game night. Unfortunately, it still hasn't happened...


Living Desert 73.365

My class went on a field trip today. We went to the Living Desert in Palm Desert. The weather was perfect - 72 and sunny!!! One of the exhibits was Butterfly Alive. It's an aviary, but instead of birds, it is filled with butterflies. This has always been my favorite part of the park. This year they added humming birds to the exhibit. This gave me a wonderful opportunity to practice my photography.
The first bird is feeding from a feeder. In the photo above, this bird was enjoying herself feeding from this tree, usually enjoyed by butterflies. I spied about five different humming bird - they were feeding from feeders, feeding from flowers, and even just sitting on branches.
We also were able to feed two of the giraffes! This giraffe is about nine feet tall. Isn't he cute?? We were able to see many animals that live in the world's different deserts.

This dandilion is living in my front yard.


Let there be light 71.365

In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless wasteland, and darkness covered the abyss, while a mighty wind swept over the waters. Then God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. God saw how good the light was. God then separated the light from the darkness. Genesis 1:1-4


Knight of Columbus 70.365

My brother, Jay, is a 4th degree Knight of Columbus. We attend different churches. This Sunday, the bishop was celebrating Mass at his church, and the Knights were processing with the bishop, so Jay invited us to attend Mass with his family. Isn't he handsome in his tux???


Academic Decathalon 69.365

The hard work paid off. Danny's academic decathalon team competed today against 6 other schools in the diocese. There was the Logic Quiz, Individual Subject tests, and the Super Quiz. Our school won the logic quiz!!! Then we placed in several of the individual subjects. Then we won the super quiz!!! In the group picture, the students are holding hands, praying as they await to hear their name called as overall winners!!
They are not done studying. They are now going to represent our diocese in the state competition in May!!! Road trip to San Francisco!!! We are all so proud of them!!!


Danny's Friends 68/365

Evidence that a child lives in our home.


Eyes of the Artist 67.365

You may see just a block of wood. Roger, however, can see a new pipe in this piece of briar wood.


Haircut 66.365

I got my hair done today. It's a bit shorter than I had expected, but I like it. Actually, it is supposed to be an "A-line" bob, where the back is shorter than the front, but I think the hairdresser got a little bit carried away. Maybe next time.


University Chapel 65.365

Danny takes saxaphone lessons at the local university. While he was at his lesson, I decided to take a walk around the campus. This is the chapel where many musical events occur. The univerisity has many beautiful old buildings and sights. Since daylight savings is coming, I think I'll take a picture each week and share them with you.


Traveler 64.365

So, here is poor Clifford. We are going somewhere in the car. He is not a crazy dog in the car - I've had a couple of those before!! But the poor guy does get anxious. By the time we get anywhere, the back seat is flooded by his drool! Yuck!


Multi tasking 63/365

To Do List:
  1. Make 3-bean chili and awesom cornbread
  2. finish grading papers
  3. complete report cards ~ due tomorrow morning
  4. laundry
  5. pick up Danny from Grandpa's

So much for a relaxing Sunday. Maybe I'll rest tomorrow.