Living Desert 73.365

My class went on a field trip today. We went to the Living Desert in Palm Desert. The weather was perfect - 72 and sunny!!! One of the exhibits was Butterfly Alive. It's an aviary, but instead of birds, it is filled with butterflies. This has always been my favorite part of the park. This year they added humming birds to the exhibit. This gave me a wonderful opportunity to practice my photography.
The first bird is feeding from a feeder. In the photo above, this bird was enjoying herself feeding from this tree, usually enjoyed by butterflies. I spied about five different humming bird - they were feeding from feeders, feeding from flowers, and even just sitting on branches.
We also were able to feed two of the giraffes! This giraffe is about nine feet tall. Isn't he cute?? We were able to see many animals that live in the world's different deserts.

This dandilion is living in my front yard.


  1. I found it!! WOW!! I am impressed! I am glad you recognize the little things. It helps some us slow down to do the same.Thanks :)

  2. Those are amazing hummingbird pictures! I love the one in flight.

  3. Love your photos!! We went to a Living Desert park in Carlsbad, NM when we went XC a few years ago...

  4. I love humming birds, but they are so difficult to photograph - they never seem to stop.

    I never expected to see a giraffe in the desert. That one looks like one of the East African species. As a matter of interest what do they feed the giraffe. They are browsers abd usually feed on acacia leaves. The tree allows them to feed for a short while, before exuding a bitter sap into the leaves, which make the giraffe move on. In this m=way nature ensures that no single tree is decimated.