Tennessee Map 196.365

We put about 1,000 miles on our rental car. We traveled across the state twice! So much driving here and there and everywhere! It's good to be home!!

Nashville 195.365

What kind of visit would it be to Nashville without going to the Grand Ole Opry? Here we are in front of the Opry prior to taking the tour.

The tour was fun. We saw various dressing rooms, the green room, and the backstage. The highlight, of course, was getting to go on stage. We even got to stand on the same spot where all the country great stand when they perform!!

Memphis Part II 194.365

We stopped at the National Civil Rights Museum. It was pretty interesting. The tour takes you through the Lorraine Motel. You see the rooms that Martin Luther King, Jr. and his group occupied the days before his assassination. Then the tour takes you to the boarding home where James Earl Ray lived and the bathroom where he was when he fired the shot that killed MLK. It was interesting and eerie at the same time.

Memphis 193.365

Welcome to Graceland!!! We took the tour of the mansion as well as other exhibits. Going through the mansion was like going back in time - back to the 70's! It was interesting to go through the rooms and learn more about Elvis. He accomplished so much in his short life.

We also went to Beale St. - home of the blues and rock and roll. These are some of the interesting signs on the street.

Kentucky Lake Part II 192.365

One of the best things we did at Kentucky Lake was to go boating on Uncle Larry's pontoon and then swim in the lake. That was so much fun and so very relaxing!!

Kentucky Lake 191.365

After spending a few days in Gatlinburg, TN, we drove about six hours west to Paris Landing, on Kentucky Lake. We visited my Tita Pat and Uncle Larry. These were the best two days of our trip. Uncle Larry fried up lots of catfish that he caught - yummy!! Then he cooked up some BBQ ribs - best ribs anywhere!!! Mom and Tita Pat spent every moment catching up with each other. We also lit lot of firecrackers. The kids enjoyed doing this - but not as much as the adults did!!

Great Smoky Mountains Day 190.365

This little guy was just "hangin'" around just outside our condo. He was about 40 or 45 feet up in the tree. I was on the 5th floor when I took this photo. (We are in Gatlinburg, TN.)
We went hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains. These mountains are so lush and green. We hiked through the forest, enjoying the greenery and the rushing streams. We even walked over a few log bridges and up into a cave. We had so much fun.

Days 187 - 189 Start of Tennessee Trip

Day 187.365
First day of family trip. Just a traveling day. We went on vacation with my brother's family, my mom and sister. There was a total of 10 of us traveling about the state of Tennessee. Here we are at the airport - neices Samantha and Selena, nephew Andrew, mom (Grandma Cat) and Danny. Grandma gave them 4th of July hats.

Day 188.365
We watched the fireworks from the main drag in Gatlinburg. It was an outstanding show with a phenomenal finale!!

Day 189.365
We were driving from Pigeon Forge to Gatlinburg with a thunderstorm hit. I was so glad that Roger was driving!! The rain was so hard and heavy, the windshield wipers couldn't keep up and we could hardly see. I was like someone shooting a water cannon at our car!!!

Days 183 - 186

Day 183.365
Another Bunco night! I love spending time with these ladies!!

Day 184.365
Do you remember eating creamcicles (50-50 bars to some people)? These are the orange popcicles with the creamy center. My favorite!!! I found an outstanding recipe to make the creamcicles, but in a loaf that is easy to share for dessert!! YUMMY!!!

Day 185.365
Poor Clifford is hot! (and so am I!!) He goes from room to room to find the coolest spot to rest. I caught him on the fireplace hearth. Poor guy can't even fit on the thing!

Day 186.365
Pretty Pink Flower in a hanging basket. Makes me smile.