Happy New Year! 3/365

Angels are everywhere. And I don't necessarily mean the collection on a shelf. They are the spirits that guide us through the day, make sure that we are safe, that watch over us, pray for us.
I spent the last day of the year completing a scrapped calendar for 2009. It was great to spend the entire day working on it! Now I will have something to look at each day of the year...

Speaking of the new year, I don't make any resolutions. I always seem to set myself up for failure, so I stopped making resolutions a few years ago. I just try to live a good life, living so I can continue to help teach my son to be the best person he can be and also that he can be proud of his mom. May 2009 be filled with blessings. Please continue to visit throughout the new year.


Friends 2/365

I was thinking a lot about one of my friends today. They are especially on my mind today because Brigid and her family are traveling to New Zealand (with a 4 day stop in Fiji!!). They will be living there for about eight months. Even though we don't get to see as much of each other as we each would like, I truly enjoy the time we do spend together. So I was feeling a little meloncholy about her absence in my little world for the next few months.

I am not a person with a whole gaggle of friends, but the ones I have I cherish. All my friends are truly blessings in my life. They help me remember where I've been in my life and help me get to where I need to go. It is wonderful to have friends for the different compartments of my life. And when one fits into more than one place, that's just icing on the cake!! They may come and go and come back again as life allows, but God always makes sure the right person is around when I need her.

If I am lucky to count you as a friend, thank you for alway being there when I need you. I pray that you feel you can count on me too.


Project 365 1/365

I have mentioned in previous postings about the KOTM Project 365. I've decided that my "Week of ..." will start with Monday and end on Sunday. That way the weekend days are together.

Along with creating the scrapbook, I will be blogging my photos and journals here throughout the year. This year I hope celebrate the "ordinary" in our lives. We take for granted the ordinary in our days, not taking time to notice the little things.

I was sharing my excitement of the project with Roger (again!!) and told him that I wanted him to take pictures and journal too. But he thought he shouldn't because it was my project. Oh contrare, mon ami! This project is for our entire family. Danny is going to get involved too!!

With that said, today is Monday, so my first week of the project started today. Danny was in his room and Clifford came in. He was sniffing around Danny's bed and decided to jump on the bed! (He's not allowed on the beds or couches...) Danny told him to get down, but instead, Cliff laid down! Danny quickly got his camera and took a few pictures. (That's my boy!!!)


Kit of the Month

While reading through the January issue of Creative Keepsakes, I read an article by Becky Higgins (my favorite "celebrity" scrapbooker). She has a new challenge, which she created into a Kit of the Month (KOTM). It is called Project 365. The idea is to take one picture each day and journal for that picture. This will challenge the scrapbooker to move away from the big event in our lives such as birthdays, vacations, celebrations, etc. and take a look at the "ordinary" in our lives. The KOTM has all the elements to keep the project organized. For a more detailed look at the KOTM, link onto http://www.beckyhiggins.cm/ and click on her blog tab. She has several blog entries describing the kit. The KOTM will not be available to order until Jan. 1st at 7:00am MST (which is 6:00 my time.)

I am quite excited about this new challange. I want my layouts to run Sunday to Saturyday. Therefore, I have started my picture taking today, since it is a Sunday. I also think that I will have Roger and Danny take pictures throughout the year so they may contribute to the project. It will be very exciting to review this project next year. I will keep you posted on my progress of Project 365.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

Danny tried his hand at levitation! Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate!

Anyway, Christmas was nice here. Nice gifts were given and received. I received an external hard drive, so now I have plenty of room to store all my photos. Yipee!! I also got a tripod for my camera - now I can be in the pictures. Family was around to share a nice meal and good company. We had fun playing a board game. It is good to be with family.


Christmas Season

It's only 3 days until Christmas... We've been on vacation for 3 days... What have we done??? Not much. It seems like Christmas has snuck up on me again. Yes, even though I teach about the true meaning of Christmas, we prepare for a Christmas program, I've even helped make tamales with my mother-in-law, I haven't felt the "spirit" of the season yet. Rog has been sick for weeks, Dan and I went to urgent care yesterday and have been on the couch for a couple of days trying to get better.

But tonight Dan and I put up the tree and decorated it. (3 days before Christmas!!) I feel a bit better, a little more into the spirit. Tomorrow my goal is to wrap the gifts and mail the cards. At least I got those done...


So I was checking out my husband's blog - which is very nice - and was inspired to try this out too. I plan on writing about scrapbooking, books I'm reading (whenever that happens) and my observations on life. For those of you that don't know me from Eve, I am a wife, mother, dog owner and teacher. My interests include scrapbooking, other paper crafts, digital photography, the daily crossword and sudoku from the paper, reading when I can, and hanging out with my guys.

I started scrapping about 5 years ago when our oldest dog passed away. I was so sad. I gathered pictures of her and started to do a book about her. The layouts were just aweful!! It was then when I took a series of classes at a local scrapbook store to learn the art of scrapping. I have not stopped since.

Part of scrapping is to have the right "stuff". Well, throughout the years, I got pretty good at buying and collecting stuff... I had stuff here and there and everywhere. So much that my dear, patient husband built me a casita in the backyard to house all my stuff. This is my sanctuary, my refuge.