So I was checking out my husband's blog - which is very nice - and was inspired to try this out too. I plan on writing about scrapbooking, books I'm reading (whenever that happens) and my observations on life. For those of you that don't know me from Eve, I am a wife, mother, dog owner and teacher. My interests include scrapbooking, other paper crafts, digital photography, the daily crossword and sudoku from the paper, reading when I can, and hanging out with my guys.

I started scrapping about 5 years ago when our oldest dog passed away. I was so sad. I gathered pictures of her and started to do a book about her. The layouts were just aweful!! It was then when I took a series of classes at a local scrapbook store to learn the art of scrapping. I have not stopped since.

Part of scrapping is to have the right "stuff". Well, throughout the years, I got pretty good at buying and collecting stuff... I had stuff here and there and everywhere. So much that my dear, patient husband built me a casita in the backyard to house all my stuff. This is my sanctuary, my refuge.

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