Project 365 1/365

I have mentioned in previous postings about the KOTM Project 365. I've decided that my "Week of ..." will start with Monday and end on Sunday. That way the weekend days are together.

Along with creating the scrapbook, I will be blogging my photos and journals here throughout the year. This year I hope celebrate the "ordinary" in our lives. We take for granted the ordinary in our days, not taking time to notice the little things.

I was sharing my excitement of the project with Roger (again!!) and told him that I wanted him to take pictures and journal too. But he thought he shouldn't because it was my project. Oh contrare, mon ami! This project is for our entire family. Danny is going to get involved too!!

With that said, today is Monday, so my first week of the project started today. Danny was in his room and Clifford came in. He was sniffing around Danny's bed and decided to jump on the bed! (He's not allowed on the beds or couches...) Danny told him to get down, but instead, Cliff laid down! Danny quickly got his camera and took a few pictures. (That's my boy!!!)

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