Green Apples 182.365

I love to see fresh fruit in the fruit bowl on the counter.

BTW, today is day 182 of 365. I am half way through the year!

My First Tomato!! 181.365

Anyone who know me, knows that I have a black thumb! When students give me flowers or plants as gifts, I rush them home to give to Roger. They have a better chance with him caring for them!! Anyway, my aide, Anne gave me a Purple Cherokee Tomato plant for my birthday way back in April. I eventually planted it in one of those Topsy Turvey things. I have been diligent about watering this plant. Today I spied my first tomato!!

Errands 180.365

I'm off to run errands this afternoon. Right next to me in the car: my shopping list, the store ad, my reusable grocery bags (more in the back), and my purse... If Danny were with me, then he would be in the seat instead. :)

Sleepy Head 179.365

I read on Ali Edward's blog about taking a picture of RIGHT NOW.

So, right now:
  • It's 8:00a.m.
  • My baby is "napping" after getting out of bed.
  • Right before this picture was taken, I had coffee in one hand and the crossword in the other.
  • We're both very glad it is summer vacation!!


Paper Crafting Project 178.365

I started out with a pile of matchbooks and scrap patterned paper and turned them into this:

A box full of drawers...

There are 24 tiny drawers in this box. The original project was for an Advent Calendar.

Each drawer is painted and lined.

Hydrangeas 177.365

Aren't these beautiful??!! I spied these Hydrangeas at Lowe's.

Junk Drawer 176.365

After about 5 years, I FINALLY cleaned out and organized the junk drawer! Boy does it feel good to be able to actually open the drawer all the way!. Found this organizer many years ago, but it got buried under all the junk in the drawer. The section that holds the pencils and binder clips slides to the right and opens up to more compartments. It's nice that at least one drawer in my kitchen is organized... :)


Father's Day 175.365

Happy Father's Day to Roger, the wonderful father to our son Danny. To Roger, Sr. the wonderful father to Roger, Jr. and me. To my father, Rafael, who though is not with us anymore, made me the person that I am today. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!

Plane ride 174.365

We were invited to a BBQ at a friend's hanger. Her husband is a pilot and gave me a ride in his Cessna 150. It's a small, two-seater - cramped quarters in the cockpit. Flew over the city for about 15 minutes. The white building / complex is the Mormon Temple. This was my first time in a small plane. I was nervous and a little worried because I get air sick when I fly on commercial planes. But this was not bad at all. My stomach lurched just a little on the descent. I can't wait to go up there again!!!

Palms 173.365

This grove of palms is right next to a cloverleaf onramp of a freeway. I was waiting my turn for the metered light to get on the freeway, so I took the shot.

Dinner 172.365

Danny likes simple dinners. So tonight we are having beans and ground turkey, seasoned with lots of garlic, oregano, salt and pepper served over rice. Very simple and scrumptious.

Refreshed 171.365

My just watered tomato plant.
The plant is backlit by the sun. The water droplets are on the other side of the leaf.



Last Thanksgiving, my brother convinced me to join Facebook (FB). With some trepidation, I started inputting my information, added friends, and even posted what I was doing. At first, I was slightly addicted to it, wondering what my “friends” were doing, and taking quizzes – my Aura is purple and the band that represents me is Journey.

I have learned to enjoy my time on FB. I log on only every few days now, instead of every few hours. The best thing about FB is connecting with old friends. Today, I had lunch with my friend Cheri. Cheri found me on FB. We haven’t seen each other since high school – 23 years ago! Cheri was my very first friend I made when my family moved from Chicago to California. We were both 10 years old when we met. It was great to catch up with her after all these years, reminiscing about our families, and telling each other what our families are doing now. What a great way to spend the afternoon! I hope this reconnection will continue and that our old friendship be renewed.

Twilight 170.365

Yesterday was my "official" first day of summer vacation. :) I spent the day reading Twighlight. It was the rage in the jr. high classes and even some of my 3rd graders started to read it. So, yes, I was sucked up into the hype, and sat down to read this book. I finished the 500 pages in two days! I must say, it was an easy read, but it did keep me flipping the pages. The story was enjoyable, the characters likeable (what's up with Rosalie??), and the action suspenseful. This is definitley a good summer book, beach book, traveling book, etc. I have already bought New Moon and am debating starting that one today or waiting a little bit. ( I really need to clean my scrapbook room and get restarted in some scrapping!!!)

Happy summer to all!

Wedding 169.365

This past Saturday I attended the wedding of the daughter of a friend of mine. It was an elegant affair. The bride was stunning and the groom quite handsome. This is the wedding cake. I thought it was so cute that they had all the mini cakes for the guests to eat. The colors of the wedding were sage green, white and black.

Congratulations to Adam and Kelly!!

Textures and Patterns Days 162 - 168

I enjoy textures and patterns. I think that is why I enjoy traditional scrapbooking over digital scrapbooking. I enjoy books that are tactile. So, the following photos have some sort of texture or pattern to them. These were shot on various walks that I have taken.
Palm tree trunk

Student mailboxes at the local University

Another palm tree trunk. I really like this one....

Still another palm tree trunk. close up

I needed to paint a pink pig for school. The art teacher gave me paper, but not butcher paper to paint the pig on. The paper had a glossy layer on the surface. When the paint dried, it crackled. I liked the look of it.

Tree bark

Trunk from a coniferous tree.


Card for a friend 161.365

Homemade card for a friend. Hope it makes her feel better.


Spaghetti!! 160.365

Spaghetti night!!! yummy!!!


Graduation 159.365

Tonight was the 8th grade graduation. Here is Danny with his friend Kristine.


Strange Cloud Days Days 155 - 158.365

We've been having strange weather. There were such strange clouds in the sky. They were eerie and fast moving.