Twilight 170.365

Yesterday was my "official" first day of summer vacation. :) I spent the day reading Twighlight. It was the rage in the jr. high classes and even some of my 3rd graders started to read it. So, yes, I was sucked up into the hype, and sat down to read this book. I finished the 500 pages in two days! I must say, it was an easy read, but it did keep me flipping the pages. The story was enjoyable, the characters likeable (what's up with Rosalie??), and the action suspenseful. This is definitley a good summer book, beach book, traveling book, etc. I have already bought New Moon and am debating starting that one today or waiting a little bit. ( I really need to clean my scrapbook room and get restarted in some scrapping!!!)

Happy summer to all!

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  1. I know what you mean I read twlight and then had to go and get number 2 finished that and am on why to 3. Hope your summer is going well.
    I too have a FB we will have to find each other on that also.