Guest Blogger: Clifford 154.365

This is the BEST thing about being me. My tail does so much for me. It wags and lets my people know how I'm doing, it keeps pesky flies away, and most importantly, it is the BEST thing to chase. I love my tail! It's too bad that my people don't have one for themselves.


Guest Blogger: Clifford 153.365

I mentioned before that when the tall guy come back from being away a long time he likes to eat. The great thing is that he lets me eat with him. Here he is sharing a great crunchy snack with me. He is my snack buddy!!


Guest Blogger: Clifford 152.365

I have a great yard to hang out in when my people are not here. Actually, I would rather be inside with my soft, fluffy thing I showed you, but they always trick me into going outside. I can't resist the cookies they give me when we go outside! The people have fences to keep me safe. But that means that I can't go outside the yard. This is what I can see when I look through the fence.


Guest Blogger: Clifford Part 4 151.365

Woof! Hi everyone! My name is Clifford. One of my people, the pretty lady, usually writes on the computer. She said, this week I could write. This week, you are going to see things from my point of view. I hope you enjoy!

Here I am with my favorite inside thing! Soft...Fluffy. It's in the room where the tall guy and the pretty lady sleep. It is the first thing that I go to when the tall guy comes home from being gone a long time. Sorry... must go, it's nappy time.


Guest Blogger: Clifford Part 3 150.365

(Woof! Hi everyone! My name is Clifford. One of my people, the pretty lady, usually writes on the computer. She said, this week I could write. This week, you are going to see things from my point of view. I hope you enjoy! )

This is my favorite thing outside. My people throw it around and I get it for them, then we try to figure out who will hold it. I usually win that game!


Guest Blogger: Clifford - Part 2 149.365

Woof! Hi everyone! My name is Clifford. One of my people, the pretty lady, usually writes on the computer. She said, this week I could write. This week, you are going to see things from my point of view. I hope you enjoy!
Here is a regular meal. A bowl of crunchy things. Tastes okay. I eat it. What I look forward to is when the tall guy comes home after a long time away. We hang out in a room where there is lots of food and snack it up! Yummy!


Guest Blogger: Clifford - Part I

Woof! Hi everyone! My name is Clifford. One of my people, the pretty lady, usually writes on the computer. She said, this week I could write. This week, you are going to see things from my point of view. I hope you enjoy!

Today, I'm looking at one of my people. He is so nice to me, he plays with me, pets me a lot and he feeds me. One of his favorite things to do is to hide from me somewhere in the house. He thinks I don't know where he is (but I do!) and he seems to enjoy this game so much, that I pretend not to find him for a while. I just run around the house, going from room to room, until he starts giggling. He is so funny! He is my buddy and I love him.


Helloooooo 147.365

Is anybody in there??? Can I come in???


Soundtrack to Life 146.365

Danny learned to play the ukelele this year in his music class. (Thanks, Mr. Turner!!!) There is a constant stream of ukelele music in our house now. Yes, he has learned the obligatory tune of "Pearly Shells".


Mighty Oaks 145.365

Relaxing in the shade, under a mighty oak tree.


More Strawberries 144.365

More glorious Buoye Strawberries!! At the Spring Festival, the 7th grade class sold Strawberry Shortcakes (yummy!!). They are raising money for their science camp to Catalina Island in September.


Flower 143.365

Flower by Rabindranath Tagore
Pluck this little flower and take it, delay not! I fear lest it droop and drop into the dust. I may not find a place in thy garland, but honour it with a touch of pain from thy hand and pluck it. I fear lest the day end before I am aware, and the time of offering go by. Though its colour be not deep and its smell be faint, use this flower in thy service and pluck it while there is time.


American Gothic 142.365

The school Spring Festival is on Thursday. The theme is (partly) Farming. Our art teacher painted this for the 5th grade to use as a fund raiser - for $1 you can have your picture taken with a friend! My friend and I were "testing" the picture for the art teacher...


Blooms 141.365

I love spring!
April showers bring May flowers!!!


Anticipation! 140.365

I can't wait to see what unfolds!


First Communion 139.365

Today was my niece's First Communion. Selena did a great job!! Doesn't she looks so pretty in her white dress and veil? Actually, she couldn't wait to take it off so she could change into her bathing suit!!


Purple Passion 138.365

Anyone who know me, knows that I am passionate about purple. Purple lunch box, purple clothes, purple jewelry, purple scrapbook room, purple nail polish, anything!!!

I think I now know why! I was at the bookstore to get a book for my class when I came upon Harold and the Purple Crayon. This was one of my favorite books as a child!!! I completely forgot about this bookOf course I had to get this book to add to my purple collection. Thanks to Mr. Crockett Johnson for my purple passion!!!!


Campaign Speech 137.365

Today, Danny had to do his campaign speech. It turned out that he was running unopposed. Even so, he still had to write and present his speech. All the students running for office had to speak in front of grades 3 through 8. (On a side note, I must say that one great aspect of our school is the many public speaking opportunities the student have.) I think that all the students did a fantastic job. They are so brave to run for office and speak in front of the school!!!

Danny is happy that he will spend his 8th grade year as the Commissioner of Technology. I think that he is equally excited that his best friend, Austin, was also elected into Student Council. This kid had run each year he could, and has lost each year, except for this one! I jumped and screamed when his name was called ver the intercom! These two boys will have such a fun 8th grade year!!!


Confirmation 136.365

Tonight is Confirmation at our church. As red is the color of Confirmation, the church is decorated with red flowers and linens. But as we are still in the Easter season, there is less red and much more white. This picture doesn't do the flowers justice, but trust me, this arrangement of orchids (I think) and greens is absolutely beautiful.

I want to wish Hayley "congratuations" on her Confirmation. May you continue to grow in God's Love...


Update 135.365

Last fall I took a class that I thought was a photography class, but turned out to be a photoshop CS3 class. (I wanted to learn to take good photos - but ended up learning how to take any photo and make it look good...) After taking the class, I really, really, really wanted CS3. But alas, the cost was prohibative. :( What we could afford and what would be acceptable was Photoshop Elements 7. This is what the boys got for me for Mother's Day and it arrived today. :)

Boy am I going to have fun learning this program!!! It didn't come with a manual... Does anyone have any recommendations as to which book to purchase??? By the way, the photos that I am posting, were "fixed" using the Elements 7 and I can't quite figure out how to make the photos smaller on the web, so if you click on the picture to look at it, it is huge! Sorry about that... I will learn how to fix it soon. Thanks Rog and Dan!!!


"Green" Campaign 134.365

Student Council campaigning started today. But let me back up about a week... One night at dinner, Roger, Danny and I were discussing which position Danny should run for in Student Council. He wanted to run, again, for Commissioner of Technology. Rog and I tried to convince him to run for another office and to let someone else take care of technology - someone needed to learn how to do the job since he wouldn't be at the school after next year. But Danny LOVES being the Commissioner of Technology and all that it entails. So much so that he said that if he didn't run for this office, he would rather not be in Student Council. So, since he was the one with the responsibilities and the duties, and not us, Rog and I agreed.

Now, he had to come up with a slogan and posters. We tried to think all weekend - but nothing! He wanted to use last year's slogan - "Don't Delete Dan", but I said that would be cheesey. As you can see, we went with cheesey. To my suprise, Danny still had the posters from last year! We changed the pictures, though. We did add something: There is a little white label on the bottom that reads, "This campaign ad is 100% recycled."

Good luck to my baby!!!


Two of My Three Kids... 133.365

My other kid, my husband, took this picture. ; ) I am a VERY LUCKY and BLESSED mom to have these boys in my life!!!! Happy Mother's Day to All!!!


Marian Award 131.365

Each May, our school has a May Crowning Mass in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a beatutiful Mass, where the 8th graders, who are almost graduating, get all dressed up, have a lovely processional, and two of the 8th graders crown Mary with flowers.

As part of the Mass, Marian Awards are given to usually two 7th graders. The award winners do not know that they are the recipients until thier name is called. This year it was given to three of them. This is what the award says: You have displayed the qualities of our Blessed Mother. Mary showed us how to be humble, kind, honest, forgiving, friendly, and most importantly, she always said "yes" to God.
My sweet Danny was one of the recipients. He was surprised!!!

The other award recipients were Melissa and Kristen. All three students do display the qualities of our Blessed Mother. They are a blessing to their class and to our school.

Roger suprised Danny by being at the Mass!! We are so proud of him. He has been, and continues to be a blessing in our life.


What's inside your wallet?? 130.365

wallet, coin purse, sunglass case, car keys, tissues, advil, lipstick, pens, comb, notepad, candybar, the camera that took this picture


Buoye Farms 129.365

Danny's class spent the morning at Buoye Farms. They grow Christmas trees, squash, tomatos, Maui onions, other veggies, and the VERY BEST BERRIES in the world. These strawberries are huge and so sweet. They are picked daily when truly vine ripened. It would be sacraligious to put sugar on these berries!
The little mouse and the big hungry bear would love to share one of these!!


Ole!! 128.365

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!! Here is my dinner from one of our favorite places, Rosa Maria!!!


Lilies 127.365

Today in class, we made Mother's Day boquets for our moms. Each lily is made by tracing a hand, cutting it out , rolling it into a cone, and attaching it to a straw. They turned out sooo cute! They are brightening up our classroom, until the students take them home on Friday.

Days 120 - 126

I know that I haven't posted in a week!!! As with all of you, life gets a bit crazy. Please forgive me for this longer post. I hope you have the energy and interest to continue reading to the end. I hope you enjoy the photos.

This past week, we were preparing to go to Northern California for the State Junior High Academic Decathlon in Redwood City. (For a funny rendition of our trip, please vistit Roger's Blog.)Danny and his team have worked diligently for the past eight months, studying for this competition, in addition to their regular school work. They were one of nine schools competing. Unfortunately, they did not place in any categories. But what they did take away from the competition was the experience to compete in such a high level, the friendships they have developed, and the knowledge that they did their best. As his mom, I am so very proud of Dan - his determination and commitment.

Instead of a photo of the day, here are some photos of the city by the bay...

The weather... It rained on us the entire day we were in San Fransisco. That's okay... It gave us the gift of the beautiful flowers.

A view of the bay from one of the marinas.

Flowers enjoying a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Fisherman's Wharf... no really, this was a section of Fisherman's Wharf.

We were able to catch up with a high school friend (Tom G.) and his fiance. We haven't seen Tom since high school!! Here we are at Stanford University, where Tom is an alum. He gave us a tour around this beautiful campus. Thanks Tom!!!

This was a highlight for Dan's trip: our motel was right next door to a Ferrari / Maserati dealership!!! On Sunday morning, a Ferrari / Maserati club assembled, so we were able to take a gander at 20+ cars.

The Golden Gate Bridge. Even in the rain, she is breathtaking.