Marian Award 131.365

Each May, our school has a May Crowning Mass in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a beatutiful Mass, where the 8th graders, who are almost graduating, get all dressed up, have a lovely processional, and two of the 8th graders crown Mary with flowers.

As part of the Mass, Marian Awards are given to usually two 7th graders. The award winners do not know that they are the recipients until thier name is called. This year it was given to three of them. This is what the award says: You have displayed the qualities of our Blessed Mother. Mary showed us how to be humble, kind, honest, forgiving, friendly, and most importantly, she always said "yes" to God.
My sweet Danny was one of the recipients. He was surprised!!!

The other award recipients were Melissa and Kristen. All three students do display the qualities of our Blessed Mother. They are a blessing to their class and to our school.

Roger suprised Danny by being at the Mass!! We are so proud of him. He has been, and continues to be a blessing in our life.

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  1. Way to go Danny, and way to go Mom and Dad. You have created a wonderful young man there..