"Green" Campaign 134.365

Student Council campaigning started today. But let me back up about a week... One night at dinner, Roger, Danny and I were discussing which position Danny should run for in Student Council. He wanted to run, again, for Commissioner of Technology. Rog and I tried to convince him to run for another office and to let someone else take care of technology - someone needed to learn how to do the job since he wouldn't be at the school after next year. But Danny LOVES being the Commissioner of Technology and all that it entails. So much so that he said that if he didn't run for this office, he would rather not be in Student Council. So, since he was the one with the responsibilities and the duties, and not us, Rog and I agreed.

Now, he had to come up with a slogan and posters. We tried to think all weekend - but nothing! He wanted to use last year's slogan - "Don't Delete Dan", but I said that would be cheesey. As you can see, we went with cheesey. To my suprise, Danny still had the posters from last year! We changed the pictures, though. We did add something: There is a little white label on the bottom that reads, "This campaign ad is 100% recycled."

Good luck to my baby!!!

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