Update 135.365

Last fall I took a class that I thought was a photography class, but turned out to be a photoshop CS3 class. (I wanted to learn to take good photos - but ended up learning how to take any photo and make it look good...) After taking the class, I really, really, really wanted CS3. But alas, the cost was prohibative. :( What we could afford and what would be acceptable was Photoshop Elements 7. This is what the boys got for me for Mother's Day and it arrived today. :)

Boy am I going to have fun learning this program!!! It didn't come with a manual... Does anyone have any recommendations as to which book to purchase??? By the way, the photos that I am posting, were "fixed" using the Elements 7 and I can't quite figure out how to make the photos smaller on the web, so if you click on the picture to look at it, it is huge! Sorry about that... I will learn how to fix it soon. Thanks Rog and Dan!!!

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  1. Oh! I just ordered one of the Photoshops. How do you like it? Can you teach us something you learned in class? I have NO IDEA where to begin. Teach us, oh wise one! :-)