Campaign Speech 137.365

Today, Danny had to do his campaign speech. It turned out that he was running unopposed. Even so, he still had to write and present his speech. All the students running for office had to speak in front of grades 3 through 8. (On a side note, I must say that one great aspect of our school is the many public speaking opportunities the student have.) I think that all the students did a fantastic job. They are so brave to run for office and speak in front of the school!!!

Danny is happy that he will spend his 8th grade year as the Commissioner of Technology. I think that he is equally excited that his best friend, Austin, was also elected into Student Council. This kid had run each year he could, and has lost each year, except for this one! I jumped and screamed when his name was called ver the intercom! These two boys will have such a fun 8th grade year!!!

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