Kit of the Month

While reading through the January issue of Creative Keepsakes, I read an article by Becky Higgins (my favorite "celebrity" scrapbooker). She has a new challenge, which she created into a Kit of the Month (KOTM). It is called Project 365. The idea is to take one picture each day and journal for that picture. This will challenge the scrapbooker to move away from the big event in our lives such as birthdays, vacations, celebrations, etc. and take a look at the "ordinary" in our lives. The KOTM has all the elements to keep the project organized. For a more detailed look at the KOTM, link onto http://www.beckyhiggins.cm/ and click on her blog tab. She has several blog entries describing the kit. The KOTM will not be available to order until Jan. 1st at 7:00am MST (which is 6:00 my time.)

I am quite excited about this new challange. I want my layouts to run Sunday to Saturyday. Therefore, I have started my picture taking today, since it is a Sunday. I also think that I will have Roger and Danny take pictures throughout the year so they may contribute to the project. It will be very exciting to review this project next year. I will keep you posted on my progress of Project 365.

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