The Shack

This book was recommended to me by a couple of co-workers. I finally got around to reading it and just finished today.

I don't want to give away anything that happens in the story, therefore it is difficult for me to talk about the book. Let me say that this is a wonderful, moving book that gives you a look into the nature of God. I know that all of us have had moments (even days or years) when we feel as if God has forgotten us. If this is the case, please find the time to get this book and read it.

It is not a difficult book to read by any means. After you have read it, let me know. I would love to chat with you about your thoughts and feelings after reading this book. You can contact me by viewing my profile. I hope to hear from you soon!!

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  1. I am almost done. It's not quite what I expected- although I'm not sure WHAT I expected! It's interesting, for sure, and I'll let you know when I'm done!