I'm Lost! 25/365

Okay, this is going to sound ridiculous! We never were on the "Lost" bandwagon when it first aired a few years ago. Everyone was watching this except for us. People told us about it, but we just never got around to watching it. Then... this past September or October, the Sci-Fi channel started airing the series from the beginning. We decided to try it out. We got hooked!! Our DVR recorded 4 episodes each week. And we watched each one! Can you believe it? We got through 4 SEASONS in just as many months! The 5th season premier was actually last night, but we were still watching the end of season 4, so we watched the season premier tonight. We're so hooked!!

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  1. Join the club we are lost lovers in this house and still feel lost about what is going on. So welcome to the club of Lost.