LACMA 22/365

So today we went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The weather was perfect (74 degrees). The price was great - Thanks to a program by Target (my favorite store!!) We enjoyed many different exhibits, which included several paintings by the Masters, bronzes by Rodin, ancient Grecian artifacts, and many pieces of carved wooden furniture. (I don't quite get contemporary art, though.) Roger and I enjoyed each of the exhibits, and poor Danny, enjoyed it, but got tired.

My picture of the day is part of the exhibit Francis Alys: Fabiola. Francis Alys is (was?) a Belgin artist who created a collection of over 300 paintings of St. Fabiola. The orginal painting was lost, and all the paintings in the collection were created by different artists trying to copy the original. Most of the paintings were, of course, paintings, but others were created by needlework, beadwork and other mediums. Just imagine three large walls covered with this image. It was quite impressive.

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