Wash Day 113.365

Two things were washed today, that haven't been washed in a long time... 1) My poor car has not seen a drop of water (except for rain) or a sud of soap in many months. I couldn't take it anymore! My black car looked gray. So off to the coin op car wash. Dan and I had quite a time trying to get the car washed within the limited amount of time our quarters allotted. In the end, my car did look a bit better.

2) Clifford. Poor Dear Clifford. When we first got him, he let me trim his nails. Once. After that, he would go run when he saw me approach with the clippers. He let me clean his ears. Once. After that, he wouldn't come near me when he saw me with the ear cleaning stuff. So off to the groomer he went today. Kind of like a dog spa: bathed, brushed, and a pedicure. He's not too happy with the doggy decor they put on him, though.

Then he broke out into a song. Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like A Lady!"


  1. The next American Idol.... Clifford the dog. hahaha That was too funny.

    Gunny went to the groomer this weekend also. She does not like it either..