Bridal Shower 118.365

Last year I turned 40 - when did I become my mother's age??? Then, on my way to Kelly's bridal shower, I realized something. I am now really my mom's age. I am attending a bridal shower of a daughter of a friend of mine!!! I haven't been to a bridal or baby shower of any of my friends in, well, forever!!!

Here is Kelly admiring the scrapbook her sister, Kasey, made for her.

Me, Maria, Helen, Tammy, and Hailey enjoying the nice weather, fun decor, and each other's company.

Instead of cake, we had cupcakes. Aren't these just soooo fun????!!!!

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  1. Those cupcakes look yummy.

    I used to think age was just a number but since that number now starts with a 4 for me I'm rethinking that notion. lol