Clifford & Me 111.365

Tonight Danny and I were watching Marley & Me, about the world's worst dog. If you are a dog lover and have not yet seen it, you should. It is a funny movie!! While we were watching the movie, Clifford was outside, until the ending scenes. We started smelling an awful, acrid smell! We tried to call him in, but he was no where to be seen or heard, at least for a few minutes. Needless to say, he met up with a skunk. Dan and I think that the skunk was on the other side of the fence, though, because Clifford was not "too" smelly and wet.
So off to the bath we went. I did not have any tomato juice in the house and because it was late, the stores were closed. So, I had to improvise. Spaghetti sauce it is!! Clifford licked his chops as I spread the sauce on his face and also on his legs. It seemed to help, but there is still the smell in the house. Ewww!

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