Geek Squad 102.365

Guest Blogger: Roger (as posted on his blog Roger's Smoking Lounge)

I realized the other day that we have our very own in-house geek squad (of one). It is amazing how childhood can differ so much from one generation to the next. The other day I was explaining to my son Danny how “in the old days, we had to look words up in the dictionary and then flip back and forth to the pronunciation key to figure out how to speak the words – we didn’t have the little sound button on dictionary.com.”

Dan has an old IBM laptop that he is allowed to use for experiments (he upgraded it of course). I really don’t know what he is talking about half of the time. I catch a phrase now and then and try to understand. He has been intrigued with Linux operating systems. I told him that he could try things, but not to remove the Windows OS from the computer. What I heard from him was “…partition the hard drive…or a create multi-boot system…Puppy Linux operates through the RAM…or I could…”

My response: blank stare and then “yeah, partition the hard drive, right – ok” How the heck does a 13 year old know all of this stuff? We’re sure glad to have our own in-house technician though.

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