Clouds 115.365

There were so many beautiful, puffy clouds overhead today. I used my telephoto lens to take these photos. I don't know which one to put into my Project 365 album. Which one would you choose??? Using photoshop, I took the original color photo, enhanced the colors then turned it into black and white. I do like the effect. Looks kind of spooky...

I like the contrast between the blue and white.

This one looks like a Biblical storm is a brewin'.

Okay, use your imagination. Can you see a cartoon frog head??? Danny can't. Please tell me that I'm not too crazy.


  1. Judi you are not crazy! I can see what you mean about the frog head! I really like the first b&w cloud photo. Use that one for 365.

    Hope you're having a great week- Kim

  2. The first b/w looks like a macro of cauliflower!

    I like the 2nd, white and blue- beautiful!!

  3. I like the second one best and yes I see a frog too. :)

  4. A cartoon frog head?! You are absolutely bonkers - that is the killer bunny from Monty Python's Holy Grail. Run away, run away!
    Great photos.

  5. my daughter said it is Mickey Mouse :) just dropping by.. hope ur having a great weekend