Getting it Done!! 117.365

This is Kasey. Her sister is getting married in June. The bridal shower is tomorrow.

Kasey is such a sweet young lady. She wanted to make a scrapbook (her first!) documenting the year leading up to her sister's wedding. She started it last summer (I think) but has not touched it since then - wedding plans and just life got in the way!!

My friend Helen is a Creative Memories consultant and was having a crop tonight. So, Helen and I helped Kasey finish her book, giving her tips on how to use the tools, helping her with layouts and putting the pages together. We had loads of fun and she was so appreciative to get the book together.

Helen and I will be at the shower tomorrow. We are going to be Kasey's fan club and OOhh and Ahh for her when her sister looks at each page. :) I know that Kelly is going to love it!!

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  1. That was so sweet of you, I'm sure her sister will love it.