Rainy Day 40/365

A heavy rainstorm pummeled our area today. It is supposed to rain through the weekend. I actually don't mind the rain. A list of things I like about winter rain:
1.flannel pajamas
2. grilled cheese sandwiches
3.hot chocolate (or tea) 4.fuzzy slippers
4.watching old movies
5.a good book
6.cool wind
7.the water cleans the trees, grass, ground, and air
8.the sound of rain
9.wet flowers
10. rainbows


  1. You are so girly. I like the rain because I don't have to water the yard and yardwork gets postponed.

  2. nice picture you have there,, nice shot as well,, reminds me of younger days,, "gumamela-making-bubbles" :)

  3. Well said about the rain. It is so much fun to just curl up on the coach with a blanket, movie and book. Have a great weekend.