Men's Warehouse Express 60/365

On this day we buried Uncle Ron. May he rest in peace.

A few days ago, Roger offered to loan his dad, Roger Sr, a suit for the funeral. Roger's cousin, Teresa heard about this and asked if her fiance, Raymond, could borrow a suit too, as they left the Bay area quickly and without packing too many things. So my Roger took a bag of shoes, ties, and a couple of arm loads of suits to his dad's place. There Roger Sr. and Raymond tried on various suits, shirts, ties, and shoes. Each of them picked clothing that suited them (no pun inteded!) as well as shoes. As Roger Sr, was cleaning out the suit coat pockets, he found 22 cents as well as the program from MY dad's funderal, nine years ago!!! I guess that suit hasn't been worn very often!!!

As for my Danny, we had to go out to get him dress pants, dress shirt, and dress shoes. He is wearing on of my dad's suit coats that he gave me, maybe 20 years ago and one of his dad's ties.

Don't they all look handsome?! R-L Danny, Roger, Raymond, Roger Sr.

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