Family Loss 56/365

Today my husband's family is feeling the loss of someone very special. Uncle Ron passed away very early this morning, leaving a loving wife of 44 years, a devoted son and daughter, and six grandchildren. He also leaves a brother and his family, as well as his father. Of course, there are all the in-laws, nieces and nephews and their families.

I am so happy for Uncle Ron because today he is with God. Yet there is so much sadness in our hearts. I think that we cry and grieve because he is no longer with us here. We grieve and cry for each other. When my husband was a child, his family and the family of Uncle Ron were very close. The aunts and uncles were like second moms and dads to the cousins, who were more like brothers and sisters. My tears are for his entire family and for my husband.

Losing a parent is not easy. My own dad passed away nine years ago. There were days when my grief was so heavy, I could not breath. The heaviness has lightened through the years, but there are many days when I just miss him so much. I wonder about what could have been...

Please pray for Uncle Ron and his family. These days will be heavy for his kids, my husband's cousins. The days will be dark for his wife, my husband's aunt. They will get through it. They will be changed.


  1. Please offer Roger our thoughts and prayers, after Charles lost his Dad this summer I know how difficult a time this can be.

  2. I'm so sorry for you all. My prayers are with your family.