M and W 46/365

It's the 2nd Thursday of the month!! Yippee!! Bunco night!!

My name is spelled with an "i". What a delight it was to find another Judi in the world that spells her name JUDI... We were both named Judith after St. Jude (again, how cool is that???). But neither of us fit the name Judith - sounds a bit victorian to me. Both of us do fit the bill for Judi - perky and fun! hehehe.

Bunco night we were both laughing lots and having such a good time. I forgot my camera, but thanks Judi (W), she had her camera phone and we took this shot. How could you not have fun with us???


  1. I love the name Judith, it's musical. Looks like a fun night. Oh, I bought the cricut scrapper at Wal-Mart for about 8 dollars.

  2. We love Bunco don't we....
    The picture I made for our Bunco night game from Picnik.com. Check it out it is a fun site.

  3. hmmm I think I took that picture! LOL